Today’s active lifestyles are generating a greater need for operative treatment to repair clavicle fractures. Traditional treatments for collarbone fractures, in particular, have had mixed results and typically long recuperative periods. Sonoma Orthopedic Products offers a novel fracture fixation device designed to minimize scarring and get you back to your life and work as quickly as possible.

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Dr. Whipple is a Board certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Whipple graduated from Princeton University, received his doctorate of medicine from the University of Virginia and completed residency in orthopedic surgery at Duke University. He served as a flight surgeon in the US Navy, has been a member of the Board of Editors of six professional journals, has authored and edited several orthopedic textbooks and holds more than thirteen patents on other surgical instruments and implants.

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Clavicle and collar bone are synonymous terms. The word clavicle is derived from the Latin clavicula, which means “little key,” as the bone’s shape resembles an old Roman door key and rotates about its long axis during shoulder motion. The clavicle is an S-shaped bone that is one of three bones that comprise the shoulder girdle.

Laurie re-fractured her clavicle after her plate and screws were removed. Hear how her recovery with the Sonoma clavicle device compared to her initial surgery with the plate and screws.

Laurie C., Retired US Air Force Colonel
57 Years Old




What are the key differences in clavicle fixation?

The Sonoma CRx™ offers a least-invasive procedure to repair collarbone fractures without the hardware prominence associated with other treatment methods. The flexibility of the device allows it to conform to the natural curvature of the collarbone, and when activated, form a rigid construct that supports the bone from the inside for healing. An internal anchoring system and single screw secure the implant to the bone to ensure it stays in the correct position during healing. The entire procedure is done through very small incisions, preserving the surrounding soft tissues, minimizing scarring, and giving the greatest potential for a quick, less painful recovery.


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